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What we do

Dev One will help you build a state of the art software solutions using up-to-date technologies.

We're aiming at providing consultancy experts, especially in the Microsoft ecosystem and using the .NET framework.



  • Consultancy

    Our proven experience, and a deep understanding of your business, will help us to you reduce your IT services costs and let your company concentrate on its core business. Our continuous research and development, combined with ongoing training and technical intelligence allows us to exploit the latest technologies available, offering superior quality to our developments.

  • Training

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  • Coaching

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About Us

Dev One is an IT consultancy agency, founded in 2010 to respond to a growing market in the new technology area. More about us...

I was responsible of a senior Web Development team at BeTV/VOO. Fabian (Dev One) was the technical genius, our geek who could solve any technical complex challenge thanks to his large knowledge of Web technologies/architectures and his very deep sense of creative analysis/investigation. Since this experience, I am convinced that any efficient Web team development must include a guy like him.
Laurent Dumont, Altran